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(sometimes it seems like all i do is think of gekkan shoujo AUs)

Kashima is Shun. Sakura is Umi.

Hori is Shun’s suave bff (i can never remember that guy’s name). Mikorin and Waka are Sakura’s younger sibs, and Nozaki is another boarder at the house. Waka is part of a sports club, Nozaki is part of the astronomy club (“we still don’t really know anything about space…”) and Seo is part of the philosophy club (and trolls everyone, all the time).

Mikorin is the sib that Hori offers to walk out when Sakura is visiting Kashima at the newspaper club (god that guy is slick)


THE COMEDY AND STUFF IS A LITTLE IFFY (it’d be a extremely rewritten comedic poppy hill…) BUT…. I’M DYING………… SO CUTE……..

in progress sketches because lineart is killing me (i hate lining so much?????) and in case i never actually finish these the world will know that i tried

(i didn’t think i was really into the lord kashi concept until i actually sketched it. but i’m into it. BLUE HAIRED ROYALS)

s, n, and miko still need work… uuuuuuuuugh

ok talking about this is really just distracting myself from working on it

please don’t reblog -____- i’m just trying to get amped up in my brain by looking at them all together

draws a lot of self indulgent boyfriend fanart that is just an exercise in “i kind of like this lining style” and “i’m kind of meh about this coloring style”

what is an art style, fo’real


This is dedicated to shiibaru who is 100% responsible (at fault) for alerting me to the possibilities of adorable BOYFRIENDS BEING ADORABLE ugh don’t look at me like that

YESSSSSSSSS HAPPY DAYmikorin’s embarrassed head is everything


This is dedicated to shiibaru who is 100% responsible (at fault) for alerting me to the possibilities of adorable BOYFRIENDS BEING ADORABLE ugh don’t look at me like that

mikorin’s embarrassed head is everything

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i keep reading ur posts and i want to know whats going on but I’m uncultured. i love this charizard gif tho. thanks 4 the gif

I think all you need to really know is that you should watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun / Monthly Girl’s Magazine Nozaki-kun, which is a comedy centered around a group of high schoolers that make manga. It’s on Crunchyroll for freebies, there are 11 episodes out currently, and the first season will conclude next week! Go forth and conquer!

Okay, questions maybe, but first yay I love this! Second, so is episode 12 the last episode? Is there a second season? Do I have to buy all the manga to get more??? Also, more slumber parties please.

next week is the last ep of the season….

i don’t think a second season has been confirmed yet (Dogakobo is doing something else for the Fall season), but i think it’s probably going to get one, b/c popular!!!! my sister says they’ll probably only be able to get another 12 eps out of the current manga material available, though.

the manga is uncertainly licensed??? i’m trying to figure out who licensed it (hoping for Vertical or Fantagraphics…) but the original publisher was Square Enix so that might just be picked up by their US publishing group?? for now you can definitely find scanlations online though :)


for now i think it’s basically time to draw all the fanart until season 2…



like oh my god there’s his favorite character from the manga and he’s just randomly attached it to this person that he doesn’t even know is the actual inspiration for the character

hori is a fan of mikorin let it be known

/dying cat sounds

set me on fire and drown me in this ship



In response to this post by goodmourningu.

Disclaimer: I haven’t read the manga, so this analysis is purely based on the anime.

Warning: brief mention of kink

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Hi again! I think the main problem is that we disagree on what queer as a label means. 

I do not believe that queer can be applied to anyone who is not acting within their supposed gender role. For example: if a person is afab and identifies as a girl, she is cis no matter how many “masculine” aspects she has. Masculine girls and feminine boys are not necessarily queer in of themselves. Subverting one’s “gender role” does not necessarily make one queer. 

I also disagree that Kashima is enforcing the idea that women are objects, because Kashima herself is a lady (some of the time, my personal headcanon for her is gynefluid). In fact, in all of Kashima’s princely interactions (save Hori) it is made explicitly clear that all of this is consensual - Kashima is having fun, and the girls are having fun. Kashima is never seen sexually objectifying the girls - while she may not be sincere about all the sweet nothings she says she is certainly not disrespecting them. Princely ladies are common in many yuri manga and have been a part of many influential shoujo series (rose of versailles, revolutionary girl utena, to name a few). Princely ladies are tied to lesbian tropes and in the case of Kashima it is a direct inversion of the archetypal “male prince” that appears in hetero shoujo manga. For further reading, [here].

As I am cis, I do not believe it is my place to debate about what gender means for not-cis people. I am also personally not familiar with Judith Butler. However, I am curious as to why you do not think of Kashima as trans, if you believe that gender performance is heavily tied to gender identity. 

The way you identify queer erasure also seems to heavily place the weight of the problem on the viewer, while I would argue instead that it is the creators and the structural power of cisheteronormativity that really perpetuates queer erasure. I, as a queer person, seek to headcanon basically every single character I come across as queer, but I am also aware of how the mass population are perceiving these characters (kashima as a cis girl, hori as a cis boy, etc.). Similarly, I am aware that the mangaka is likely also thinking of her characters as cis and heterosexual, considering that the promotional material heavily features the heterosexual pairings (and mikorin by himself). There have been character pairing polls for example, and Kashihori ranks 1st, followed by Seowaka, and then by Nozasaku. 

The reason why we assume characters are cis and heterosexual is because most of the creators who have access to greater media platforms are cis and heterosexual and write their characters as such. 

Regarding kink: I do not believe kink has anything to do with queerness.

Quoting directly from a chat with fiendswithbenefits:

If Seo and Waka were to engage in “a kink”, they would still be a (cishet) girl and a (cishet) boy, therefore, not queer. I find it interesting that you explain femdom as “a kink”, thereby solidifying non-femdom (e.g. man in dominant position, woman in submissive position) as The Norm, which says something about your internalized heteronormativity.

Also if you believe that it’s possible for Seo and Kashima to be a pairing, why are you not expending your efforts on making them a more popular ship instead of defending Kashima and Hori, which are widely perceived as cis and heterosexual by the fandom?

Disclaimer: my use of terminology is very likely wrong and all over the place. For instance, I reference quantum mechanics, which is… why did I do that… Please correct me if I am wrong about something. I likely am.

You two seem to be having what amounts to a semantic difference of opinion based on the word “queer.” I think the issue can be summarized as follows:

"ok everyone is on the queer spectrum but there is definitely a subset of the queer spectrum that is more commonly subject to systemic oppression, which is what is typically referred to as the ‘queer umbrella’ or such"

Hence, if both Kashima and Hori identify as cishet, then their relationship, despite Kashima’s queer gender performance, is not in that subset.

Whether Kashima is cishet is debatable, but I think one of the issues here is the difference between fandom interpretation and authorial context (does the author seem aware of such possibilities? does it matter? but then canonical kashihori seems to imply they are unaware because i have no faith), which is then supplemented by the context of the modern mainstream anime and manga industry, in which non-cishet characters are rare (or rarely stated as thus). While I’d like to have faith that Kashima is non-cishet, the mere fact that Kashima and Hori are a near-canonical pair, with Kashima referenced as a lady despite her masculine traits, seems to imply the collapse of their potentially “queer” wavefunctions into the cishet+cishet bucket. If that makes sense……….

Addendums: I’m not totally sure how kink relates to this. I also think criticizing what pairings that onee-sama ships is unfair, since y’all can ship whoever you like, and that onee-sama’s comments seemed largely defending Kashima’s queerness vs the kashihori ship.

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I hope you realize you’ve set me off on like, all these head canon tangents where Hori tries to use acting to help Mikorin develop a more comfortable public self and Mikorin shows him one of his dating games and Hori really gets into the story and yeah, all this. Thank you.

YES!!! VERY GOOD omggg (Hori would absolutely also support TOMODA!!!! tomoda / dating sim protag forever)